We are Positra

We are building humane solutions for human wellness leveraging Video, Voice, and Artificial Intelligence.

We firmly believe that the family physician and direct primary care providers will start playing a much bigger role in our lives than currently allowed to by traditional big practices, hospitals, and insurance companies. We seek to empower individual physicians and small practices with contemporary tools and mediums that blend Information Technology, Machine Intelligence, and the Human Touch to facilitate positive health and wellness outcomes.

Our platform makes it easy to discover and connect with vetted care givers across the entire continuum of care. It streamlines the delivery of care services, incorporates appropriate oversight mechanisms, and brings down the total cost of care significantly.

Our mission is to enable easy access to personalized and affordable healthcare services for everyone on demand. We believe that everyone should have a fair chance at living a dignified and meaningful life, and we are continuously innovating to make that a reality.

We are currently looking to partner with visionary physicians, especially direct primary care physicians, to together transform telemedicine. Together, let's celebrate life and living.